International Forum for Social Reforms

In numerous studies conducted worldwide, a common trend emerges – only a minute fraction, approximately 10 crore people out of the vast 800 crore global population, actively contemplate significant changes in their lives. The overwhelming majority, constituting 790 crore individuals, seem to conform to societal expectations, following what is told or dictated to them.

Among this group, there exists a subset of 10 crore people who desire change, yet only 1 crore among them truly comprehends a crucial realization – that achieving happiness, satisfaction, and love isn't solely dependent on altering their personal lives; a parallel transformation in society is imperative. Delving deeper, out of this 1 crore, a mere 1 lakh individuals actively strive to bring about tangible change and contribute to societal betterment.

It prompts us to reflect on our position within this dynamics. While there's merit in concentrating on personal success, which inherently benefits others, the prospect of significantly improving the lives of a substantial number of people holds the potential to uplift society as a whole. However, for those harboring a genuine desire for transformative changes, there's a need to transcend individual pursuits and actively engage in the betterment of society. Collaborative efforts and a collective consciousness are vital to initiate a movement towards positive change. To witness tangible results within our lifetime, we must proactively participate in and contribute to the ongoing process of societal improvement.

Within this landscape, the International Forum for Social Reform emerges as a collective of brilliant minds dedicated to reshaping society for the better. This forum's inception is rooted in the thoughts and active involvement of hundreds of individuals who share a common vision. You are invited to participate and contribute to this movement of social upliftment according to your unique interests and expertise. The community thrives on the diversity of its members, recognizing that each individual brings a valuable perspective and skill set to the table. By joining hands with like-minded individuals, you become an integral part of a collective force that seeks to catalyze positive change on a broader scale.

Dr Ramcharan

Dallas,Texas, USA
Harvard University gold medalist

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Pujya Swami Sri Geetamritananda

(Sri Ramgopal Ratnam)

Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu
Social Worker
World fame Geeta preacher

Dr Nitin Sarswat

International life & mental wellbeing coach
Motivational speaker
Director of Moulding Thoughts

Vinay Bansal

Social Worker
Spiritual Scientist Great Thinker

Sanjay Gupta

Managing Director
Growth Management Consultant

FOUNDER - Digilinks#makeYourBrand & The IES Mantra

Board of Directors

Azeem Aftab

Solution Architect & Educationalist

FOUNDER - Unfiier Innovation, UniBillApp & Co-Founder of Arithmatic Infotech and Kinvin Global Services

Govind Parekh

Sensor Pal

Advocate Social Worker

Monika Bansal

Social Worker

Sewaram Malik

Social Worker

Board of Advisors

Nitin Goel


Gaurav Goel

Bharat Bhushan

Social Worker

Kailash Vishwanath Sharma

Social Worker